Recruitment Process

Whether you need assistance for scheduling your interview or want to know what to expect during the interview process, we can help. Read through the following steps to set yourself up for success.

NeoDocto follows a merit-based employee recruitment practice with extensive screening steps. In terms of employment opportunities, NeoDocto is one of the most reputed employer globally. The NeoDocto Selection process of selecting candidates focuses on abilities, knowledge, skills and experience.

NeoDocto Interview Process Consist of 4 Rounds

Aptitude Test

Second Round

First Round

Talent Assessment Interview

Technical Test

Fourth Round

Third Round

HR Interview

Clearing NeoDocto Recruitment Process requires well-planned preparation with right guidance. Once you Schedule an interview with NeoDocto, you will be sent a detailed email with interview preparation instructions and post interview communication with next steps.

We hope your interview process with NeoDocto is a smooth and straight forward as possible, we wish you the best of luck.